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Published Articles

Publication Date Description
The Amazing World of Photography December 2016 Better Photography Article:
The Amazing World of Photography
Black & White or Colour - Which is easier? September 2016 Better Photography Article:
Black & White or Colour - Which is easier?
Fuji X-T2 April 2016 REVIEW: Fuji X-T2
Ebony Cameras March 2014 REVIEW: Ebony 45SU
Comment May 2013 I'm over it.
Media Release - Muse Gallery April 2008 Read an interview with Richard conducted prior to the recent exhibition at the Muse Gallery of Millawa.
Open Letter - AIPP Awards Committee 2006 An open letter to the Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards Committee.
Better Photography - India 2005 The widely distributed Asian photographic magazine Better Photography - India conducted an interview with Richard in 2005.
Richard White - Master Photographer Volume 2, Edition 3,
Richard is recognised as a master photographer by the international Black and White Enthusiast magazine. Read their profile of Richard.

Richard is also a regular contributor to the Australian photographic magazine Better Photography and the renowned international magazine Silvershotz. Both are special interest photography magazines published quarterly.

Article Issue
Using the View Camera Issue #56
Photographing Icons Issue #55
Making Prints - Easy ones and not so easy ones Issue #50
The Magic of the Darkroom Issue #48
Pin Hole Photography & Printing Issue #47
Rock, Spencer's Creek Issue #46
To Crop or Not to Crop Issue #45
Multigrade Darkroom Printing Issue #44
Tasmania - The Devil's Playground Issue #43
Extracting the Abstract Issue #42
Seeing in Black & White Issue #41
Fire in the High Country - Photography in the Aftermath Issue #35
The Evolution of a Print Issue #33
Does Subject Matter? Issue #26
Photographic Integrity Issue #25
An Alternative Exposure System - Part 1
An Alternative Exposure System - Part 2