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AIPP Accredited

The Art of Photography

2020 Workshops

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The workshop program began in 1995 with a modest offering of workshops and also with the assistance of Kodak Australia. Over the years locations have come and gone, but some still get a revisit occasionally.

The aim of all the workshops is to help people improve their photography. Help them expand their vision. Help them to see past what they initially are looking at and help them to see it in photographic terms. The beautiful scene does not always translate into a beautiful photograph. Knowing how to photograph some scenes is part of the reason of photographic success.

What have we learned since 1995 with regard to people's approach to the medium? It is fair to say that many are under the illusion that if they have the latest equipment their photography will improve. This is just not so and the first thing to realize right now is do not upgrade your camera until it is at least 5 to 6 years old, even longer. Because you don't have wifi on your camera doesn't mean your images will be ordinary.

Most images don't work because many do not understand the basic visual principles of selection. The aim with every workshop is to get people out of their rut, guide them with their own vision, and strengthen their ability to see past the normal and isolate the incredible that the world offers. The latest 50 mega pixel camera will not achieve that aim.

Best of luck.